Designed and Manufactured by Sunspot

Video of SquareOne in use | Why SquareOne?

SquareOne's locking slots, simple but effective. Simply put, this design was unattainable but a few years ago. Our ultra precision Wasino cnc surface grinder was the answer


The 70mm Machine Chuck accepts 31mm and 70mm Holders. It has internal and external flushing.


For turning electrodes, Sunspot offers a low cost 5C mounting flange for the 70mm Chuck

Part number SQ-DT-103
"the Detroiter 3" Chuck
Versital Chuck for milling and grinding.  Hold in your vise, clamp to a table or magnetic chuck.

SquareOne's MachineChuck has internal and external flushing and is easy and fast to use.  No hex wrench needed.




We have many different options for milling and grinding electrodes. "the Detroiter" block  is very versatile.


The  "the Detroiter II" is an excellent tool for milling horizontal and vertically


The clamping mechanism is the most rugged and advanced available in the world.  Our rollers allow the clamp to float which assures central pulling of the DrawBar (no side load for greater accuracy).


SquareOne's Holders are the easiest to use and give the most options for mounting your copper or graphite


SquareOne Collet Chuck  ER20

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New Whirley gig
SquareOne Chuck