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About SunSpot

As Sunspot has grown we have become a go-to resource for customers who strive to achieve high end results from the tooling many industries require for precision and accuracy.
Since our history of being in a plastic injection mold shop and now partnered with Zero Tolerance, LLC we know firsthand that saving money is important but also know that high performance, extreme precision is what all customers demand from their tooling in order to produce extrodinary outcomes.
Sunspot has joined forces with Zero Tolerance to take the importance of great tooling to a whole new level. Partnered with expert knowledge, hands on experience and understanding of how EDM tooling works and can be utilized to its greatest potential, we believe that this partnership will educate and provide satisfaction for every customer. We guarantee that there will be new product offerings, fresh ideas, tips & tricks for multi-tooling techniques on CNC mills and EDM machines. The tooling your company requires and the tools on how to succeed along with new resources will be available to all. We are always Striving for Perfection – Delivering and Achieving Excellence!

Our Customers
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