Why buy from Sunspot (a history)

Sunspot Tooling Systems started as a wood pattern/injection mold shop and later evolved into a full service plastic injection molding company. Due to high costs, we began building our own EDM tooling and eventually started selling to other mold shops. Deciding to concentrate 100% of our energy in the EDM tooling field caused us to sell off our plastic molding operation.

Our extensive background in mold making and plastic injection molding gives us a key advantage in the manufacturing of our tools and with this knowledge can support our customers with technical help if needed.

We understand that saving money is important and we come through on this but high performance, extremely accurate tooling is typically what our customers rank as top priority.

Our Wasino Meister Pro is a critical part of our ability to produce high quality tooling. This 4400 lbs machine has glass scales to control location with 4 millionth’s increments, water cooled chuck, programmable dressing etc. The finishes and accuracy is incredible.

See this machine in action: Click Here

Thank You for your support.

Best Regards,

Charles P. Madigan